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Joseph Epstein’s Wind Sprints: Shorter Essays is the third volume of essays from Axios Press following the much acclaimed Essays in Biography (2012) and A Literary Education and Other Essays (2014). It contains 143 short essays, literary sprints rather than marathons. Subjects range from domestic life to current social trends to an appraisal of “contemporary nuttiness.”

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Available from The Essence of . . . Series

The Essence of David Hume on Religion, Morals, and Economics

Edited by Henry Lewis and Hunter Lewis with Introductions by Hunter Lewis

Axios’s Essence of … Series takes the greatest works of practical philosophy and pares them down to their essence. Selected passages flow together to create a seamless work that will capture your interest from page one. This newest volume in the series is dedicated to David Hume who is ranked as one of the greatest Western philosophers and economists. You will find three main sections on Hume (Religion, Morals, and Economics) as well as a section on his life.

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St. Anthony

251–356, Egyptian

Christian Hermit and later Saint. He sold all his possessions at twenty to give to the poor and entered into a life of strict solitude in the desert of Egypt.

After several decades, during which he reportedly experienced and overcame repeated temptations by the devil, he founded a monastic movement whose influence quickly spread. Members of the movement, often called anchorites, typically rejected books, learning and knowledge, and, in addition to seclusion, emphasized the most resolute asceticism. At its extreme, this meant self-starvation, wearing the same clothes until they rotted, never bathing or cutting hair, living in holes and old wells, carrying weights, or exposing oneself to venomous insect stings.

St. Antony did not indulge in the most violent penances, (although he reputedly never washed his feet), but his followers seemingly strove to outdo one another in self-immolation.

Axios Institute is dedicated to the study of human values, both the valuations that we make and the ways that we go about making them.

In addition to the study of values, our field includes what is commonly referred to as ethics, moral philosophy, and philosophy of life.

We are an independent research institute, and are not affiliated with, nor do we propound or express the views of, any particular religion, philosophy, or organized system of thought. On the contrary, our aim is to study a great variety of approaches, and to do so as objectively as possible.

The mission of Axios Press, the publishing division of Axios Institute, is to publish books that provide readers with a great variety of approaches to the study of human choices and values.